San Juan Airport Transportation

San Juan Airport and Cruise Ship Ports

There is a taxi kiosk when you step outside the airport building.

The cost to go to the cruise ship ports (per cab) is between USD $20 and $30. The attendant at the kiosk will give you the exact price and will write it down for the taxi driver (however, a fuel charge of $1.50 may be added).

Use the same procedure in reverse to get to the airport from the cruise ship ports. A tip of 10 to 15% is customary.



San Juan Airport Taxi Information: There are two types of taxis in the San Juan Airport district; Touristic cabs and regular cabs. In general, touristic cabs charge by the zone and number of bags. Regular cabs are metered.


Taxi areas are located in some different points of the Main Station.

- Terminal A: in the arrival level.

- Terminal B and C: baggage claim areas.

- Terminal D and E: baggage claim areas.



AMA Buses are the public buses that go and come back from San Juan airport. Passengers can pick up on the the airport's departure level, on terminals A and D.



There are some companies operating at the airport that offer shuttle services to and from the airport. Some hotels in Puerto Rico also offer free shuttle services to its clients.


Car Rental

Rental car companies are available for all passengers. You can hire the car at the airport or, one best option, is to make a reservation through the website of the different companies that offer this service. Check here the best options and prices.