San Juan Airport Terminals

San Juan airport has one Main Terminal Building that it is divided between four Terminals known as A, B, C and D.


Terminal A

It has gates from A1 to A8. It has a ticketing/check point, security check point, shoe shine, and a tourist point information. Various restaurants and shops are located through the terminal.

The terminal was built in 2012 and it is mainly used by JetBlue Airways. Other operative airlines at Terminal A are: Air Sunshine, Air Flamenco, Island Birds (Rome International), LIAT, Tradewind Aviation and Vieques Air Link.


Terminal B

It has gates numbered from B2 to B11. It was opened in 2014 and it is used by various airlines as follows: Air Canada, Air Europa, American Airlines, Avianca, Cape Air, Condor, Copa Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Iberia, Insel Air, interCaribbean, Miami Air (Public Charter), Norwegian, PAWA Dominicana, Seaborne Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Sun Country Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways, Volaris and WestJet.

It has some restaurants and shops.


Terminal C

It has been renovated recently and it has gates from C2 to C10. It shares most of the services and amenities with Terminal B as security checkpoint or information point and it is provided as well with some stores and restaurants. It also has a shoe shine and a lounge club “Avianca Operated by Global Lounge”.


Terminal B and C are close to the Car Rental Facility, located in the Main Parking.


Terminal D

It has gates from D1 to D9.

It is the closest terminal to the Police Department at the airport.

It has some restaurants and shops as well as an Airport Hotel (2nd floor), Point Information by Aerostar, shoe shine or baggage locker.

Terminal D handles various seasonal flights. Some airlines that operate from the terminal are: Air Antilles Express, Cape Air, Insel Air Aruba, or Seaborne Airlines among others.